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city squad

Squad NoPlayerAgePosition
1.Max Harris(23)GK
13.Ryan Clarke(40)GK
2.Joe Raynes(27)RB/CM
3.Danny Greenslade(28)LB
4.Jordan Dyer(22)CB/DM
5.Jack Batten(26)CB
6.Kieran Parselle(25)CB
8.Dan Hayfield(25)Mid
11.Elliott Frear(31)Mid
14.Chris Lines(36)Mid
18James Morton(22)Mid
16.Rex Mannings(22)Mid
10.Tom Smith(24)Mid
15.Luke Spokes(22)Mid
9.Cody Cooke(29)F
7.Alex Fletcher(23)F
17Scott Wilson(29)F
18Sonny Cox(18)F
19Olly Thomas(18)F

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